About SCC 2020

Services account for a major part of the IT industry today. Companies increasingly like to focus on their core expertise area and use IT services to address all their peripheral needs. Services Computing is a new science which aims to study and better understand the foundations of this highly popular industry. It covers the science and technology of leveraging computing and information technology to model, create, operate, and manage business services. Like its predecessors, SCC 2020 will contribute in building the pillars of this important science and shaping the future of Services Computing.


  • [6/28/2020] Important announcement: SCC 2020 will be held online on September 18 - 20, 2020.

    After the deep discussion of the Conference Organizing Committee, SCC 2020 is going to be a fully virtual conference, and presentations will be given via pre-recorded videos during the scheduled conference period. Although we'd love to have been able to welcome you to Honolulu, Hawaii, we are also delighted to bring the conference to you in the online form. To fully prepare for this conference, we decided to adjust the conference date to September 18 - 20, 2020. Meanwhile, the registration fees for the conference are also adjusted. Authors and non-authors who have already registerd at the original fees will be refunded the price difference. Those who have not registerd will only have to pay at the new rate. Detailed information can be seen at the Registration page.

  • [4/8/2020] Important news.

    SCC 2020 will have to be rescheduled to meet the challenge of the world-wide corona virus emergency. As we are still facing lots of uncertainty for the upcoming months, the organizing committee has made the following tentative changes, in order to continue our tradition to serve the services computing community in the best possible way:

    1. The onsite conference is delayed to August 12-14, 2020, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Conference hotel will have to be renegotiated and then be announced for those who can travel.

    2. In the mean time, online conferences will be arranged for those who could not come to Hawaii for the onsite participation. We are assessing various ways to host online conferences with possible interactive Q&As at this time.

    3. We are also considering the options for some regional on-site conferences.

    4. With this delay, we postpone the deadline for submission to May 10, 2020.

  • [8/11/2019] SCC 2020 is online.

Special Interest Groups (SIGS). Call for Volunteers for SIGs

The Services Sector has account for 79.5% of the GDP of United States in 2016. The world's most services oriented economy, with services sectors accounting for more than 90% of GDP. To rapidly respond to the changing economy, the Technical Activities Board at the Services Society (http://ServicesSociety.org/) has launched a selection procedure among our worldwide Services Computing community volunteers to contribute to the professional activities of the following 10 Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

About the Services Society

The Services Society (S2) is a non-profit professional organization that has been created to promote worldwide research and technical collaboration in services innovations among academia and industrial professionals. Its members are volunteers from industry and academia with common interests. S2 is registered in the USA as a "501(c) organization", which means that it is an American tax-exempt nonprofit organization. S2 collaborates with other professional organizations to sponsor or co-sponsor conferences and to promote an effective services curriculum in colleges and universities. The S2 initiates and promotes a "Services University" program worldwide to bridge the gap between industrial needs and university instruction. The Services Society has formed 10 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to support technology and domain specific professional activities.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or queries on SCC 2020, please send email to scc AT ServicesSociety DOT org.


Please join the worldwide services innovation community as a member or student member of the Services Society at https://s2member.org. You are also welcome to join our social network on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6546793.